Who's driving?




The other morning, like every other morning, we were rushing to get to our destination. We always leave a little late and end up rushing. And each and every time, I always find myself driving for whoever the driver is. Telling them to look there, watch out for that, slow down, etc. Anyways, out of nowhere God brought this message into my heart. He told me that I am trying to drive for him (God) and I need to simply let him (God) take control. Only he knows where to go, when to go, when to stop, what curves to avoid and so on and so forth. I should just wait patiently for my arrival. I sat there in complete awe of him because that message was SO GOOD, I just wanted to SCREAM. When God speaks to you through certain situations, its just so indescribable and just so amazing. So my prayer request is, letting God take complete control in my and my family's life in 2015.

So the other day, Ohio weather decided to let the sun out and it was actually warm. I just had to put on this beautiful yet cozy dress I scooped up from Zara at 50% off. If I were you, I wouldn't miss out.

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DSC05707 DSC05705 DSC05698

Dress & Shoes: Zara Watch: Michael Kors Thanks for stopping by,

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