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Clean Slate

Beauty, Styleadetutuo3Comment
Clean Slate

DSC05473 Happy New Years beautiful people. I pray your 2015 is filled with happiness, blessings, love all around with sugar on top in Jesus name. 2014 was definitely a year of blessings for me and I am forever grateful to God. I am finally back on this new platform now and I can't be happier. On this one, we will share more than fashion and we will get to know each other. I know people want to see more than what's behind the camera. Do not get me wrong, this is a style site and it is still my very own personal blog but this time around, I want the content to have substance. From the last time we met, my life has completely did a 360 and I am not in the same place I was before. So with that being said, welcome.

Let's talk about beauty for a second. I have always been a huge lipstick person. I can care less for eye shadow, eyeliner or any of that. I can honestly have a complete bare face and lipstick on and be totally content. Ruby Woo is still on my all time favorite red lip list. I have searched for a better one and have yet to find (if you do happen to find please comment below). Anyways , it does the lips so much good. It is just the perfect addition to a clean outfit.

HA. Its so funny writing a whole paragraph about lipstick lol. Anyways, WELCOME and thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to tell a friend, to tell a friend and tell another friend.


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What I am wearing:

Trousers: Zara Top: H&M Shoes: Zara Jacket: ASOS Lippy: MAC Ruby Woo