What can I do to help you?

What can I do to help you?

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"What can I do to help you?" If more of us can genuinely ask our fellow sister this, the world will be a better place. I've been meeting so many beautiful and successful women lately and have been connecting with them on a whole nother level. It's one thing to tell another woman where you got your shoes from but its another when you show her how to sell those shoes for profit. I was having an amazing conversation with a new friend who wants to venture off into hair business and she wanted to ask for my measly little advice.  We spoke intensely about how I started blogging and what I use to achieve my looks. Long story short, I shared everything and told her she could use my camera and editing software at anytime.  She was very shocked and when I asked her why, she went on to say women don't usually help each other. Instead of lifting each other up, we tear each other down with our words and actions.  I interact with women from all walks of life and let me tell you, we endure so much and come out stronger more often than not.  The world already deals us a bad hand, why do we insist on making it harder than it already is? Who exactly does it help when we tear each other down? It makes me so sad because we can truly stop this world from spinning, but if only we lend a hand to each other.  The mentality that if you help someone else, then it takes away your chances is absolute false.  Let me tell you something, what is for you will always be for you.  I was listening to a preaching today and the lady was saying that if you get a dress made specifically for you in all your curves and all its glory, then say someone else tries it on, it will never fit as good as it does on you.  Again, what is for you will always be for you. You never know, maybe that person you lend a hand to will lend a hand to your next big client.  The world is getting smaller and smaller and chances are you might meet those people you stepped on while climbing up that ladder.  Take a look around you and ask someone, "What can I do to help you?" You might save a life.

I got this dress during one of Zara's sales this summer in New York and it was honestly the best buy I've bought in a long time. I didn't even try it on. I didn't care if it fit, all I knew was if I could get a 30 dollar dress from Zara then I'm taking it and running fast.

Dress: (Similar ASOS: here) Sandals: here