Tutu Olatawura

This day

Tutu Olatawura
This day

I found a new meaning to life. Something I simply cannot put into words so I'll be very brief. I thank my family, friends, and all my well-wishers. I thank God for this day and everyday I am here to share my life with you guys on here.  I will never take any breath I take lightly ever again.

Truth is, most of us become numb to the "simple" things we can do without trying such as breathing, being able to feel, in short being able to live effortlessly. At this moment, if I am thirsty, I can put down this laptop, get out the bed, go into the kitchen and pour myself a cold one without a simple thought to it. Do you know how many people wish they can do just that? 

So today Thank God for keeping you. Thank God for loving you. Thank God for every single blessing in your life. I will never stop thanking God. From this day forth, I vow to live and savor every moment. I vow to love deeper than I've ever done before. I vow to laugh hard and deep, I mean rolling on the floor, teeth wide open, stomach hurt, need to catch my breath type of laughter. Dance like no one is watching. Sing at the top of my lungs like my name is Whitney.  

Yeah. Thats exactly what I'm going to do.



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