This thing called Hair

Hello everyone,

Today you get to see a small glimpse of my son on this blog. He was not letting Mommy let her picture time and there was no stopping him. I need to talk to my Mommas about what to do with this boys hair! I am running out of options and don't want to cut it but I am about to give up. I put castor oil and Cantu Shea butter everyday and we fight through the combing process each and every second. I try to Bantu knot it and braid it so it can have different curl patterns but lord knows its a huge battle. Lucky for him, he is a boy and it doesn't really matter.

I say this because this thing we call "hair" is such a big deal in our culture. It's going to be funny to say but this is the reason why I am happy I have a boy. At least with him, there's less pressure from society to look a certain way. I know if I cut his hair now, he'll be just fine but if it was my daughter then the criticism I get is going to be something fierce. Take me for instance, I wish I can cut my hair and still look this way but I know for a fact that hair is a huge part of "MY" beauty. I commend all the beautiful women who actually cut their hair and look absolutely stunning but I am not there just yet. I always tell people it is important to know thyself and I know this big ol' head cannot be exposed for the world to see yet. Maybe when I'm 30, I might feel different but for now I will continue to change my hair! Anyways, thank you for letting me express my thought. Stay tuned for my next hair lol.

IMG_3714 By the way, I am entering the H&M mentoring contest. My outfit is brought to you by *beats drum* H&M lol. I wanted to go very simple cause my style is just that. I never like to do too much and I am a firm believer in less is more. H&M is always my go to place when I am looking for an affordable elegant outfit. Anyways, wish me luck.

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