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Just like the song say "Sharing is caring, it can be FUN." Being a "semi" private person, sharing is not always fun for me. It's actually hard for me because of how people are. Information is power and people can use it against you. Being a blogger, I have to learn how to share and not care. Funny thing is, I asked some people for advice on what needs improvement on my blog and coincidentally they pretty much said they'd like more content. Being a fashion blogger, I've always thought that people just want to see outfits and don't really care to read anything. Well, I guess I am completely wrong because people actually like to hear from the blogger. So now I have been pondering on what I should write you guys without sharing too much. I know its the sharing generation but sheessshhh I would like to keep some things private. Even though I am sure I will get more follows if I shared some pretty personal stuff lol but thats not my style.


So today, my lovely mentor and I are crossing something off my bucket list. If you read my 30 by 30 (here) post, I spoke about 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30 and running a race was one of them. Like most people, exercising does not come easy for me. Unfortunately for me, I need it to keep my body in control at all times because its so easy for me to blow up. I knew I would blew up when I got pregnant and if I didn't change my lifestyle I'd stay that way. They say if you don't lose the weight during the first year of having your baby then the possibilities of you losing it is slim. So then I started taking working out a lot more serious and changed my diet completely (I'll talk about that on another day). DSC_0332

So anyways, I crossed off running a race yesterday off my list and it felt so good. To some people this is not a big deal but to someone like me, it makes me feel like I can do so many things. Running does not just work on the body but it also trains the mind as well. When you feel like you can't go any longer, it's all in your mind. If you can just get over that hurdle, then you can keep going for much longer. Once you're done, you realize that it was all in your mind. You can also apply this to anything in life. No matter what you are going through, just know that "this too shall pass." This word is not just for me, I needed to write this today because this week was challenging for me (more about that later).

Ohhhh we should probably talk about this outfit huh lol. Shirt is from H&M, pants is probably form H&M, I got it a long time ago for the Nigerian parade but can't remember the details. My clutch is from ASOS and my shoes are from I put this together because I love me a simple outfit and this is something you can wear anywhere because it is just the right amount of dress up and its dressed down as well.

Okay gotta go, my son is crying for me to carry him! Ohh the joys of "toddlerhood". As always, thanks for stopping by,