The other day I tweeted about my ideal monthly salary and I got into an interesting debate with a fellow tweeter.  For me, $10000 a month is more than enough to live comfortably, especially in Ohio. Well, some disagreed and stated that this topic is subjective.  My argument was that this amount is more than enough to take care of an average families needs and then some. Having more than that would be nice but is it not really necessary.  Wanting more for ourselves in life is perfectly fine but it is also great to be happy in the state we are in. Everyone wants to be a millionaire but not everyone is going to get there and that is perfectly okay. With this crazy, social media, everybody is rich and beautiful generation we need to protect ourselves and guard our hearts. Stop trying to "keep up with the Joneses", or in our generation "The Kardashians."

Let us talk about sequins and how it has been in style longer than a lot of trends. The thing about sequins is, it stands out so much and it can easily be labelled as tacky so you have to tread carefully when you wear it. Its safer to be as simply as possible when you wear sequins but you guys know I love simplicity. This dress can actually be worn to a nice event or even on the night out. For me, I think its stylish enough to be worn to many different places.

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Dress: ASOS here