Reflect and regroup

Reflect and regroup


Word of the day is to REFLECT (Definition: to think deeply and carefully about).

Being an adult is literally the most trying times of our lives. As kids, we lived our lives in a semi state of being least I did. I just always knew that my problems were always going to be taken care of by someone (an adult) else. Now that we are the ones taking care of those things behind the scene, it can be extraordinarily trying. I've had to learn that things do not just happen because I've said so. I actually had to put forth extra effort to rectify the problem and that's no fun. When the going gets a little hard and I feel the urge to scream, I reflect. I think about the situation from different angles.

Take me for instance, I've really been thinking about what my true heart desires are. I love working in the medical field. I've always had the desire to work with women in some form of capacity. And in the medical field , I want to take care of women during one of the most beautiful and challenging times in their lives, pregnancy. The magical aspect of bringing life into this world is an unexplainable feeling and for the majority of my life I have felt that I had to be a part of said process. Now the time has finally come for me to begin the process of accomplishing this goal and I am having second thoughts. Doubting the one thing you were pretty confident about is frightening and heartbreaking. It can cause you to feel lost and can cause you to doubt everything in general.

DSC_0258 So now my reflecting stage consists of a few things;

-Being honest with myself (the whys?)

_Asking the "what if" questions (What if I don't do this?)

-Talking to an outside party about it (non bias and nonjudgmental being)

-Watching TEDx talks

-Getting off social media (clouds the judgment)

-Quietly talking to God

Take as many time as you need. Rushing won't help. Just figure it out.

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