Feeling Sexier

Feeling Sexier


They say you feel less sexy after having a baby and I completely disagree. After months of sharing my body with another being, it took a while to adjust and get back to the swing of it things. But once I got the hang of things, I never felt sexier. Even with the extra 20 something pounds I was still carrying around in this picture, I felt so beautiful (still do). It's the kind of feeling you get after accomplishing something really big, that you probably never thought you could do. I guess 26 hours of labor will do that to you.

This picture was taken a while back and I wish I had more pictures for you guys to see but the way my nursing and nursing bra was set up. Anyways, these were the best pictures I could find believe it or not.

Quick tip for you guys, if you don't want a bold lip, use your lip liner as a lipstick and call it a day. It gives the perfect stain for a simple day.

Smooches, Tutu



What I'm wearing: Dress: ASOS Shoes: Zara Clutch: Marshalls