How I’m dealing with my picky eater

How I’m  dealing with my picky eater

 When other Mothers tell you how picky their child is, you might have smirked and thought, “well that won’t be my kid, he will eat what I give him.” I am here to apologize to all Mommy’s in the world and to tell you that I have never been more wrong.  My life right now is all about figuring out how to add some variety into this little guys diet. You see, the list of what he consumes is extremely sparse, so sparse that it’s less than the fingers in one hand. 


This morning as I proceeded to eat my strawberries in peace while he ate his banana and I tried as I always do to give berries another try. And as you can see, I was met with resistance. Resistance I’ve been fighting for a good strong two year. Now my question for you Mamas is, how did you overcome this phase? I would genuinely love to know.

Anyways, this blog is not about that. It is about the advice my Aunt who’s blessed with 5 amazing children gave me. An advice that was so simple, I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of it. She said, stop stressing, he will eat when he’s hungry, just keep trying and enjoy the processs.  Now I know that does not solve the problem, it certainly does not mean that he will suddenly trade his rice for sweet potatoes but it does make me feel better. As a mother, sometimes we just need to know we are not the only one who faces these struggles. We want to know that our kid is normal and so are we. It makes us feel as if we are not alone and damn it that we are doing just fine in the parenting department. So I’m going to go on about eating my strawberries while he eats his banana in peace.  


But if you do have any pointers and tips, do share with me how you overcame this phase.