Perfect gift ideas for toddlers

Perfect gift ideas for toddlers

What do you get a toddler who isn't old enough to appreciate the gesture of giving yet old enough to appreciate the present itself (that's if you get the right one)? It is very important to budget accordingly and think twice before overspending on an item that might not be received well. I know you can never go wrong with their favorite character made into a toy or just plain toys in general but with all the birthdays and holidays, there are only so much toys you can give.

Truth be told, birthdays are just as significant to the parents, (especially us mothers) as they are to the celebrant.  I want to be able to relish in this moment and soak every single glorifying moment of my child's day of birth. The same joy we felt the moment that special child came out, is what we oath to relive every birthday they celebrate.

So I started doing my research on the perfect gift to give a toddler (preferably around 3 years old).

1) Family trip I know that this might not be budget friendly but it is quite perfect for a 3 year old, who can care less what kind of shoes they are wearing as long as they are running around, playing hide and seek in a foreign surroundings. We thought about spending our son's birthday at Disney World but to say thats not budget friendly is an understatement. A few of my friends advised me to take him when he is older so that he could appreciate the park in its entirety. I agree because if and when we go to disney land, I want him to remember every second spent there just as we will remember every dime spent.

2) An all day outdoor Activity

Nothing excites children more than an event outside of the norm such as a day at the zoo, bouncing at skyzone or simply sliding in the playground. Toddlers love to play and anything that causes them to do so is a day well spent.

3) Reordering their rooms to fit So my son is turning 3, and 3 year olds are so much more intelligent than 2. Their personality is now very obvious and you can sort of see the kind of person they are. At this age, they tend to gravitate towards something completely different from when they were younger. If you haven't already, I would re decorate their rooms to fit this new person you are parenting. For my son, he absolutely loves cars, as in he can literally play with cars all day. So the theme of his room will be cars, lots and lots of cars. Imagine waking him up and showing him his new room while screaming happy birthday

We plan on giving all these gifts to our son for his birthday. I am actually finishing this blog up as we are on our way to knocking out number 2. We are going on a family trip this next week and I am currently working on his room as well.