Love like a child

Love like a child

So the hubby and I finally decided to sleep train our son ( I know, 20 years later). We got tired of having to lay next to him before he falls asleep. The first night, my baby cried for about 20 minutes and the second 15 and then fast forward to last night where he barely cried.

What never ceases to amaze me is how the next day my son still loves on me like nothing happened. The unconditional love a child has is so pure and beautiful. I'm going to take this lesson from my son and try to forgive wholeheartedly.  I'm sure it'll do the mind some good. Children have this care free spirit about them that I can't help but envy. Anyways, let's talk about this outfit! lol DSC06899


DSC06927 DSC06935DSC06931

I got this dress from my sister's closet and she got it from Zara lol. I just love how the bottom half has a letter feel to it that hugs all your curves. Only con is that is that it doesn't hide the "pooch", yikes lol. Not to worry, a good sucking in session never hurt nobody. DSC06930

DSC06932 DSC06928

DSC06943 Dress:, Jacket, H&M, Sandals: As always, thanks for stopping by