Look good feel AMAZING

Look good feel AMAZING

This damn skirt has been in my closet for eternity. It was one of those items that's so distinct but is so hard to style. I bought this before I had my son and I was about 12.5 pounds smaller (lol yes 12.5 lol) then so styling it has been harder than losing weight lol. I have tried it with so many things so I decided why not go as simple as possible so here we are today. What do you guys think?

I'm starting to believe that everything bad that happens in life is so we come running back to God. It's like God starts small with minute situations like losing your wallet or something, then if that doesn't work he might up it a little bit, then a little bit more until you lose your mind and go sprinting back to him. This year has been something for the books and I believe it is partly because my faith has been a little rocky lately. Because God is a loving and forgiving God, we push him to the side and say things like "I will go to Church next week, God knows I'm tired." Ohh but darling, you weren't too tired to go to your place of employment, or watching that newest episode of Power or whatever is on these days. For some reason, a lot of us do not have that sense of urgency for God. Every time I get a little too busy for God, he never fails to show his presence in my life. I love how God has little sense of humor that isn't funny most of the time. But I get it and I appreciate how much he loves so much that he doesn't want us to get lost in the world. Prayer (especially my mothers) got me to where I am today and I should always have God in the forefront.... BUT life! Life is that thing that always gets in the way and then before you know it, time has passed. It's funny because I said once I finish this milestone in my life, I will be a part of a church and actually participate and do all those wonderful "church" things people rave about. I didn't start today so pray for me because I must start. No more excuses.

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Skirt: ASOS, TOP: H&M, Sandals: ALDOs