Life as you know it

Life as you know it

I spent a few days in New York spending time with some friends and catching up. I felt nostalgic all weekend and it was very interesting because it had me reflecting on life. I remember I planned on moving to New York a few years back but of course "tell God your plan and he will laugh at you." And laugh at me he did. The whole time I was there I just kept thinking what if the plan I wrote for myself actually came to pass? The funny thing is back then I could not imagine being anywhere else but there. Fast forward to now, I can't imagine being there. It is so funny how life/God works. It reminded me of my teenage days when I swore up and down that I knew what was best for me. Thinking back now, I knew absolutely nothing. When you are young, you have your parents being the voice of reason because they've experienced life. When you get older and become mature enough to hear God, he becomes the main voice of reason as you now start to experience "some" life yourself. I always say if I can go back and advice 16 - 21 year old Tutu, it'll be to NOT listen to ME! I was clearly under the influence of "being young and dumb." All I can think about now is how will I help my son get through those teenage years without him messing up his life. One thing is for sure, I will pray for him like my mother prayed for me. Anyways, no shade to New York City but Chi town has my heart now lol. Who know, God might be laughing at that plan too lol.DSC06754


DSC06758 Let's talk about this jacket for a millisecond. Olive is clearly finding its way into my heart and you can see why. I absolutely love this color and how it matches my skin. I honestly paired it with the first thing I saw because truth be told, this can be paired with so many outfits. DSC06759 DSC06772 Ohhh, what do you guys think of my hair? I wanted to go with something different. As I am getting older, I am liking long hair less and less (unless its big lol), and appreciating less than 14 inches more each day. I saw my friend do this medium, Bob braids on someone and I just had to try it. I absolutely love it and don't want this style to go out anytime soon because I want to add it to my "hair playlist." Yup I said hair playlist, that is a list of hair I do over and over and I can't be the only one who has one. That reminds me, I am due for a wavy hair style soon. So what do you guys think? Is this here for the season or its a thing now, like Senegalese twist? lol DSC06794


Jacket: H&M, Leather tights: H&M, Sandals: ASOS, Glasses: RAY BANS