What I learned at my first Fashion show

What I learned at my first Fashion show



So I attended my first fashion show as a blogger last weekend in the great ol' Columbus Ohio. I learned so much about the ins and outs of the fashion world in general and I was extraordinarily glad I was in attendance. The local designers had the audience swooned and I just kept thinking how all big designers started somewhere. I'm going to share with you guys the two major things I learned at the fashion show. First, national recognition should not always be the goal. There are people who are locally successful and the success is just as big to them as it would if they were nationally regonized. With that being said, we have to support and celebrate our local brands just as much as we love our big name brands. Not to mention, rocking local brands can make you stand out as oppose to wearing the same thing everyone else is wearing.

Let's deviate for a second. I've been getting the question, "What is my end goal for blogging?" And at first, I'll say something big and grand. Now, I'm just satisfied if I help one woman find her confidence. I am satisfied with local acknowledgment. Everything does not have to be on a grand scale, sometimes less can be more and it can be just enough. For now, I am enjoying all the little things I am learning and the little perks I get here and there. I never cared about the stuff I would receive from being identified as a "fashion blogger," I just love it. From the point where I come up with an outfit to when I put my makeup on, to finding the perfect location and taking picture, I just absolutely love all things that pertain to style. Now that I have this platform to share my thoughts and encourage a few people here and there, I am content. I'm just excited to see where this can take me and I pray that this passion stays burning inside me forever because the moment the passion is gone, then all is dead. Which takes me to the second thing I learned, PASSION. One could smell the passion inside the designers from a mile away and the passion showed in their work. To be honest, my passion for being a fashion blogger grew 20 times more after attending this show and for that I am grateful.

Can I just talk about this amazing Kimono dress. I'm not a fan of Kimonos, I think they make me look weird and shorter than I already am so I've always stayed away from them. This kimono changed my mind completely, at first I vowed to wear it a dress but then I changed my mind and wore it with this beautiful dress I snatched from my favorite store lol. The detail of this dress makes me absolutely crazy and I refuse to get enough. I want more and more and more of this dress. I wanted to stand out at the show but wanted to be comfortable as well and it worked. I received so many compliments on both the dress and the kimono throughout the night.  I cannot wait to actually wear this kimono as a dress and show you guys, I just haven't thought about how I want to style it yet.

As always, thank you guys for reading my blog. Thanks for all your comments, likes and shares. These little gestures keep me going.


Black Dress here , Kimono here , Sandals here