Traveling with my toddler & JORD watches

Traveling with my toddler & JORD watches

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Traveling by yourself can be a hassle, talk-less of with a toddler. From making sure I am ready and all packed and straight to go to making sure his stuff is ready as well. And when it comes to toddlers, you have to set some time apart for "toddler surprises." There are a million things that can go wrong on a normal day so add traveling to that and it makes a million and a half things that can go wrong.  I suggest giving yourself a good 4 hours before your flight time to start getting ready and that might mean not getting enough sleep. We are still going through the woo's of potty training so I have to set time apart for him to sit on the potty for as long as he needs to. Before he even gets on the potty, that alone can take a good hour on a rough day.  Also, winter is coming and its approaching us really soon judging by how cold its getting. This means that setting time apart to make sure his hair dries before we step out into the cold.

This is why I am so excited to share my collaboration with JORD watches.  I just love their unique watches. They are wooden which is perfect for a dress down, airport feel look. They are very comfortable and light, which is perfect for a busy day where you might have to carry a little one around.  You can't miss them because of their unique wood style. I was asked where I got my style from by so many people.  JORD watches has options for you to perfectly size your watch. They even provide a template that you can use to size your wrist so that way, they can personalize your size. I would suggest using that template because I used my own measuring tool and my watch turned out a little loose. I am so in love with these cool wood watches now and absolutely love how the colors stand out. This watch is absolutely perfect for fall fashion. The best part is that they have men's watches as well, my husband was instantly jealous and promise to get him a pair for Christmas.

I have good news. I am hosting a giveaway with JORD. The winner will receive $75 e-gift code to get a pair of their own JORD watch. And don't worry if you don't win, just sign up anyways and you'll receive $20 e gift code towards your purchase.  You can enter the giveaway hereThe contest will close 11/13/2016 at 11:59pm. Both the $75 and the $20 codes will expire on Feb 28/2017.


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