In the trenches

Can I just say being an adult absolutely sucks! I remember being slightly younger (because I'm not that old) and I wanted to be an adult so bad. I wanted to have do what I want, leave and come back when I please, even trivial things like decide what goes in the refrigerated *sigh*. I craved to have total control of my life and now I wish I would have calmed down and enjoy my bills getting paid for lol. Yes, I absolutely love the freedom to some extent but I envy my son's ignorance.



Anyways, I absolutely love elegant women who dress up everyday with their lipstick lined up at all times, their heels clicking one after the other and their hair laid from here to Paris. Believe it or not I have never worn heels for more than a few hours. I envy women who wears heels every single day and do not flinch. They say that it takes 21 days to make a habit, so if I start wearing heels gradually everyday will my feet learn to walk better or my brain start to decrease my pain stimuli? Excuse my random thought guys lol. Anyways, I want to start training myself to wear heels so it can become natural by the time I'm actually in my profession. And I'm talking up to 6 inch kind of heel, who's with me? lol...It might sound silly but I see myself strutting around in heels and I definitely can't do that right now! I love all things elegant and I feel like this is part of the elegant criteria lol.


Lets talk about this outfit. I bought this trench coat form ASOS and it was entirely too long so I decided to wear it as a dress. I like it but I don't love it.  What do you guys think? DSC_0292