I don't want to look like a Mommy

Last week my best friend sent me a picture of a store she walked by in upper East side Manhattan, she asked me what I thought about the clothes and the first thing I said was "its too Mommyish" and her response was "Moms never want to look like Moms." This immediately made me chuckle but its so true. Once you start to "look" like a Mom, you're not known as one of the cute young ones anymore. Do not get me wrong, being a mother is the single most amazing job I have ever been blessed to experience at such a young age and I would NEVER trade it for the world. But motherhood does not mean you get lost in the identity of being a Mother to someone. You are still your own person and should live for you. This does not mean get a boob job, wear tight dresses and post nude pictures like some of these celebrity Moms, some people take it way too far and try too hard smh. Here are some tips that I follow religiously to NOT look too Mommyish,

1) Be elegant. This has always been my motto and will always be the motto that I follow. An elegant person is someone of high quality, someone splendid. I don't know about you but I consider myself someone of high grade. Carry yourself this way and people will see you this way. As for dressing elegant, Lucky for us, the "Real housewives" trend is still going strong. I'm talking about the midi skater dresses/ skirts that was all the rave in the 60's and clearly is now in 2015. Like this one I'm wearing, I teamed up with Porschstores and created a look with this lovely elegant dress. I paired the dress with the top to add my own flare to it and to remain elegant because it was pushing my lady parts all the way up. Again, I'm a Mom and I try my best to keep my parts private. I particularly love this dress because it hugs me in all the right places while hiding all the "wrong" places, which brings me to my next point. DSC_0249 2) Know your body and dress it. I always tell people that it is important to know their body and dress for it. This can go both way, do not wear clothes that are too tight for your upper body but too loose for your lower body. Get to know your body, try on different clothes and see what works for your body type. It is rare to find one look that looks the same on everyone. Not everything that looks great on someone else, will look right on you. Take me for instance, I know that I can never wear a suit dress because my boobs are way too big and it will look weird. AGAIN, KNOW YOURSELF. Same goes for women who are trying to hide their beautiful body. Wearing big clothes hide the beauty in you and make you look more like a Mom. After bringing forth life to this world, it takes a tool on our body and some of us struggle with that but don't let that get you down. You'll be surprised what dressing up can do to your confidence. Which brings me to my next point.

DSC_0250 3) Get healthy. The biggest misconception people have of moms and wives is that we lose ourselves once we have that husband or once we have that baby. This should never be the case. To me, life has just begun when you start this new role in your life. You are literally the CEO of your household. This is not a joke and this is definitely not something to toy with. Not only should you be getting healthy for you but for your family because they are watching you to see what you are doing. For instance, my son is 13 months and he's at this stage where he can subliminally ask for what he wants by pointing to it. Now, I don't want him eating meat just yet but my husband and I eat meat and every time we're all eating, guess what my son wants? MEAT! It never fails. This just goes to show that no matter what, they are watching you and they want to do what you do. Not only are you doing this for yourself but you are doing this for your family. Plus, you can finally wear that dress you use to wear pre pregnancy.

Being a Mother is just downright amazing but in order to be the best Mom you can be, you have to take care of you. I am learning this each and everyday. Thank you all for stopping by,



Dress: www.porschstores.com

Oh and happy Fathers day to all the amazing fathers out there, especially to my very amazing husband. I can write 20 million blog posts about how amazing you are instead I will just say THANK YOU.