Fear of regrets vs doubts

Fear of regrets vs doubts

Lately I feel like God has been sending me little clues as to where he wants the direction of my life to go. It's so funny because we set plans for ourselves....."In 1 year I'll do this", "in 5, I'll be here." But then God comes and completely does a do over and it confuses us and makes us feel as if we don't know who we are. All these little clues I've been getting are making me doubt everything I've ever planned for myself. God is so funny that way because when he shakes your core, he does it in a way that will completely shock you. We never truly know where life will take us, we can just do our best to trust God and learn to adjust.

These little clues have been getting me ready for the journey of change God is about to take me on. I know if I disobey God, I can still be comfortable but will I truly be happy, and most importantly, will I have regrets? Regrets has been my greatest fear this year. I do not want to wake up tomorrow with a heavy heart and wishing I would have tried my best to achieve the unthinkable. Wherever the fear of regret lives, so does doubt. You start to belittle yourself and question your ability to achieve anything. You compare yourself to others and force yourself to believe that you are incapable.

So, which one wins, the fear of regret or doubts?

This is when the fight begins. You fight so doubt doesn't win. You fight so you wake up to no regrets. You fight to make sure you never utter, "Shoulda, coulda, woulda but didn't." Let the fight begin.


Dress: H&M

Shoes: Zara

Jacket: Missguided (here)