How we are coping with "Terrible Twos"

How we are coping with "Terrible Twos"


So "terrific" (speaking it into existence) twos are here and we are just having a blast stressing Mommy out. This age is definitely different from 1. For one, you can see his personality coming in full blast. He is also able to express himself and communicate with some words and gestures. The communication aspect is definitely the best thing about this age. I do not have to go through the fridge guessing what he wants because he can actually ask for it.

Now, everybody knows about the famous "Terrible Twos". Well, there are some other things that I would like to share with you all about this wonderful age,  so you can prepare yourself. These things might only apply to my son but I am going to share it with you guys anyways just in case it doesn't.

1) Your boobs are still not off limits. I'm not exactly sure if this mainly pertains to breastfed babies, especially if they were breastfed past age 1 but I find my son constantly playing with my boobs. If he wants to go to sleep or after he's had a good cry and wants attention, he likes to come and lay on them/play with them. Now, I have been debating if I should push him away and tell him to stop but he's only 2 and for now I see no harm in it. He literally stopped breastfeeding months prior and he still finds comfort in it and I cannot say I blame him.

2)They are always on 10. Now mind you, I do not give my son anything that could cause him to have more energy than me when I've downed 4 cups of coffee. Literally from sun up to sun down, he is jumping from one end to the next. The only time he sits still is when I put him down to sleep and even then, sometimes we have to fight. I myself cannot keep up and I find myself very tired messing around with him. If your child has no one to play with besides you, then I suggest you get your caffeine on.

3)The tantrums gets worse. As much as I've been ignoring the tantrums, it still happens and sometimes comes in full throttle. Now being a Nigerian woman born and bred, I have to check my self and try not to go full force African Mama on him cause I'm sure our mothers didn't quietly pull us to the side and tell us to "use our inside voice" like modern parenting tells us to do.   I do my best to ignore him and wait for him to come back begging. One thing I am consistent with is taking away whatever caused him to have that tantrum and I make sure he realizes that he can't get away with things. Yes he is 2 but boy are they smart. I was having a conversation with an elderly woman about parenting and she told me that I have to start training him at this age when it comes to certain things like sitting still. She said the longer I wait, the harder it'll become to calm him down.  So now I'm making sure that he sits and eats his food in totality before getting up. This is actually very hard because he eats so slow. Overall, I can tell this age is going to be a challenge. Stay tuned for updates lol.

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