Columbus Ohio

Columbus Ohio

DSC06303 Crochet hair is just perfect when you need a quick hairstyle. It seriously saved my life for my birthday weekend so I made sure I wore this blue dress I have been saving for the perfect hairstyle. Some outfits seriously look better with certain hairstyles. I will quote this nice lady I saw at CVS, she said the dress is "the right amount of sexy without showing too much."

Hubby and I went downtown for the first time this weekend to actually walk around and sight see. It is crazy that we are just not getting around to it even though we have lived here for years. Columbus is seriously not as bad as people (I) make it seem. I have to put forth some effort to explore this city. Its not Chi town but it'll do.

Part of exploring places are trying out different restaurants. I do not usually go out because I would much rather be eating my Efo riro w/ rice or Moi Moi (my two favs). And seeing that Columbus Ohio is seriously lacking in the Nigerian restaurant department, I just stay home and cook...ALOT. Anywho, we went to Levels and they have really good food for reasonable prices. I won't be back next week but I will be back. DSC06296 DSC06294 DSC06295 DSC06304 DSC06309 DSC06310

Dress: ASOS Shoes: Zara

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