Talking change in all white

Talking change in all white


It's day 7 of my monthly visit and my friend is not ready to leave. As a matter of fact she's still causing me pain. I've been using Paraguard hormone free IUD as a form of birth control and as you can see, it's been doing the job for the past two years. However, the side effects have not been pleasant. My friend stays consistent for 7 days straight and keeps me pretty dizzy and nauseous. Remember they tell you once you have a baby, your cramps go away, unmmmnm wrong. So my doctor suggested I tried something else and I had a fit plus a million and a half questions. Will this other form of birth control be as effective? I've succumbed to these side effects for 2 years and don't wanna start over with a other one.

CHANGE! Many of us would rather stick to what we know, no matter how bad it is than try something new. As much as I hated the side effects, I refused to try something new. This is the way a lot of our minds work, we can't bring ourselves to get out of our comfort zone no matter how much we don't like our current situation. Ironically, I was having the conversation with a friend who stated that moving is very easy and she didn't understand how people decide to stay in one place. I on the other hand argued about how hard it can be to change your routine. It is much easier to do the same tiring thing day in and day out, than to decide to start a new routine. I mean, thinking about the process alone can change anyone's mind. This is not to judge anyone who's still in the same place they were years ago, this isn't a "how to overcome the fear of change," this is simply to let someone out there know that I understand where you are coming from. My only question for you is, in this moment, are you happy? And please don't mistake contentment with happiness. Are you happy? If you had to do life all over again, would you do it exactly the same way so you can end up exactly where you are now?

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If you've been following my style for a while now, you pretty much know that I am a ASOS whore. If one of the items in my outfit is not from ASOS, then I'm most likely not trying that day. My only desire to travel to London is to visit ASOS, so when my best friend called me to tell me that DFW has ASOS items for cheap, I almost had a meltdown. Immediately, I snatched this perfect wide leg pants for 10 dollars. Mind you, I have been looking for the perfect white wide leg and it has been under my nose the whole time. I wore this pristine outfit to the Macys Front Row Fashion Event at Easton and I received compliments from the moment I stepped out my car to when I stepped into my house. There is seriously nothing like an all white outfit with touches of color all around. Y'all know I don't usually talk about my outfits but I had to talk about this one because its perfection to me lol.

Trousers (similar ASOS: here ), Top (H&M: here) , Bag (Similar: Zara here), Earrings (H&M: here )