Best tip Ever: Keep it quiet

Best tip Ever: Keep it quiet



So there's this new artwork by Ghanaian lifestyle illustrator Peniel Enchill going around social media right now. It's the one with one female crying to another "friend" and this friend has a blow horn on the side thats spewing out 'Breaking news'. This illustration pretty much means be careful who you are sharing your problems with. The same people might actually be elated you're in this predicament. Be especially careful who you are sharing your "million dollar" ideas with. Pray for the spirit of discernment, to be able to spot deadly people like that from a mile away. Sometimes its safer to just keep things to yourself but it is not always the best thing to do. Keeping things in can lead to severe depression or worse. If you must talk to someone, sometimes a stranger can be your safest bet.

This might sound funny to someone who is not a parent, heck this might sound crazy to someone who is a parent but I find comfort in talking to my son about whats going on in my life. I have actually been doing this since he was a a tiny baby. I'll speak to him during our many breastfeeding sessions and at first, it was to help develop his language skills but now it means more to me than that. Sometimes, we don't want answers/advice, we simply want to hear the problem out loud. Because sometimes just by hearing it, it becomes clearer and clarity is the beginning of solving our problems.

Let me actually talk about my outfits for once. Remember about one summer ago when everyone was wearing two sided slit dresses and now that trend has slowly died down. Well,  Adetutu doesn't stop wearing something just cause its out of style.  I decided to put a little spin to it so I changed it up by styling like this. I wanted to go with a grungy look  by pairing it with my torn jeans and I feel like I didn't fail miserably. Like I always say, you can style one item a million different ways.


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