Being a perfect Mother

Allow me to get out my frustration for a minute..Ohh happy sunday everyone. This is for my mothers as always lol. I find that ever since my son was born, it seems like there is always some milestone everyone feels he must be meeting. The first thing people ask me is if he's doing something already. At month 3, some were saying is he sitting up yet and at month 6, its is he crawling yet, then at month 9, is he walking yet?! OMG what super baby do yall think I'm raising?

Especially Africans, if your baby isn't walking by month 8 then they're slow smh! Now that my son is 15 months, I keep getting the is he talking yet question? As a mother, if your child has yet to meet those milestones it gives you anxiety and then you start to worry that maybe something is wrong with your perfect little one or maybe you the mother is at fault. I started going crazy trying to make him crawl and trying to make him walk and so on and so forth. IT IS ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTING and I am just here to tell you new Mama's to take it easy on yourselves. If you are worried that you are not doing the best you can, chances are you are doing the best you can. I decided that I will stop listening to people and just enjoy the time I spend with my son. It came to a point that I was reading to him just so that he can say words back and I wasn't focused on enjoying that special time with him. I've never really been the type to care what anyone things about me but when it comes to my son I care so much. I am so done trying to meet the standards of everyone else, its all about what is best for my little guy. But I swear, if I hear one more question about what he is suppose to be doing I will lose it lol.



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