It is amazing the places my hubby and I have been discovering since taking this blog seriously. I am actually very excited to see what we find each and every weekend. He drove by Franklin Park conservatory and Botanical gardens and he rushed home to tell me how good of a blogging spot it'll be. And was he right, it is perfect for family members to visit the art and nature based exhibition as well as exercise if they would like. I promise to bring my son next time to hang out...not take pictures lol.

I named this blog baggage because of 1) the baggy outfit and other reasons I've been wanting to talk about. I know that I am considered "young" and in some people's eyes I stand no chance giving any advice about anything but this is my blog so here goes. I noticed that so many people are getting married young just like myself and it is so beautiful. But sometimes you ask the question are they ready? just like I am sure people said about me. It is very important to know you are ready and that this is it. Life changes drastically after you become one with another person. This things called marriage is certainly not a easy road but with the right person it is worth it. One cannot bring baggage to their marriage because it will definitely cause weeds to sprout in your beautiful garden to the point that it can damage something so beautiful if not killed. My advice to anyone wanting to get married, is pray and pray and pray again, ask God for guidance in everything you do. May the lord bless your union.

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