As a new Mom, I'm learning that there are things that I cannot change and I just have to deal with that. I can change my hair, change my lipstick, my outfit even change my lifestyle but I have to get of my comfort zone because the world does not revolve around me. I worry about so many things when it comes to my son, down to the type of food he eats, when he eats it, the lotion that touches his body, the comb I comb his hair with, and so on and so forth . I'm a crazy Mom and I'm okay with that but no amount of protection can protect him from everything out there. I wish I can keep him this young and dependent forever but I know that's not possible and I'm dealing with that. I'm scared for him. Scared to find out what kind of person he will turn out to be, how the world will treat him, how he will treat the world... HEAVY SIGH. And with the way the world is lately, can you blame me for worrying ? He started crawling a week ago and I am just so stressed because I use to decide where he can go but now he decides that under the couch, near the trash, near the toilet (thank God we don't have stairs) is where he wants to go. And as silly as it sounds, all I can think about is how many wrong turns he will make in life. Enough of all that, I'm clearly crazy and you guys probably don't want to hear the ramblings of a new, crazy Mom. Maybe at baby two, all these emotions will be gone.

By the way, didn't I tell you guys you will see this scarf again. Well, here it is. I will share the story of how this outfit came about in another post. I've written enough lol


DSC05658 DSC05661 DSC05664

What I'm wearing: Jumpsuit: Zara Scarf: Zara Belt: H&M

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