A blue wall

A blue wall

I just read a very sad article that spoke about a beautiful young YouTuber who took her own life a few days ago by hanging and it seriously shook my core. Folks, it is very important to know how to take care of your mental health. Anyone who says they never feel a little down is lying. We all go through a series of emotions. Some people have it worse than others, while others have learned how to handle it. Do whatever it takes to get yourself taken care of. Depression is real. Talk to someone. Get out of your own head. 

Here are a list of things I do when my mood starts to match this blue wall. 

1) Thank God for the day. 

2) Hug my son and husband at the same damn time. 

3) Make my favorite dish. 

4) Blast African music and DANCE. 

5) Call my Momma and/or sister.

6) Get dolled up and take pictures. 

7) Grab a book and get out of my head. 

8) Go for a walk. 

9) Clean my house (a clean house invites a clean mind). 

10) Watch a random episode of Girlfriends.  

11) Get off social media. 

12) Go get a pedicure. 

13) Buy myself something nice. 

14) Go to the movies alone. 

15) Take myself out to eat. 

16) Spend the day at my parents house (they pamper me like a newborn every time I go there). 

17) Book a getaway. 

18) PRAY

What do you guys do? 
Trouser: ZARA SOLD OUT- similar  HERE ;  HERE   Blouse: ZARA SOLD OUT - similar  HERE

Trouser: ZARA SOLD OUT- similar HERE; HERE

Blouse: ZARA SOLD OUT - similar HERE