3 in 1

Happy Sunday everyone, Today, I am coming to you guys with three ways to style dramatic item. This is a beautiful bandeau double ruffle peplum top (I know the peplum season is almost over). The peplum is not an ordinary peplum because it can be styled in many different ways which makes it all the more special. The thick premium fabric material makes the top form fitting. It hides all your flaws and dramatizes your waist line. 

Outfit #1: I wanted it to be more Urban yet classy so I paired it with jeans and platform sandals. I added this beautiful African Necklace to it to make it extra dramatic. This print was made with big, bold print buttons. It accentuates every single outfit which can become a distraction. An item like this should be styled with simple plain colors as seen here. I advised for your makeup to be clean because we want to focus on the necklace and how daring it is.

_DSC6542-2 _DSC6553 _DSC6563 _DSC6572

Outfit #2: This is the perfect day event ensemble. The gorgeous green culottes paired with the gold sandals makes for a better chill day event. One can pair this with a touch more accessories but with the gold clutch and the multicolored Ray Bans, this look was complete. This look is actually my favorite. I love the tomboy yet girly feel and look of it.

_DSC6598 _DSC6603 _DSC6606



Outfit #3: I call this the lunch date look. As you can tell, I believe in the less accessories the better. You should let your outfit speak for itself. One can over dilute their outfit and it completely takes the attention away from your most important piece. You usually accessories items when the outfit is not enough but this top in all its glory is just enough for any and everything. In fact,  with hair pulled back and a clean lippy as seen below, you are all done.  The simplicity of it is what makes this outfit.







_DSC6625 _DSC6631

It's always good to have certain items in your closet because you can rewear them 10 different ways. I hope you enjoyed me styling this look in different ways. Thanks for stopping by.


Outfit 1: Jeans - Gap.com, Sandals - ASOS.com, Clutch - Marshalls Outfit 2: Culottes - ASOS.com, Sandals - ASOS.com, Sunglasses - RayBans Outfit 3: Trousers - ASOS.com

Photographer : Twitter: @kwamespiffy , IG: Kwameseesfotos