How to save money on hair

How to save money on hair

 DSC_0019  DSC_0022-2 DSC_0027-2 DSC_0031-2   DSC_0101 DSC_0120-2  DSC_0125-2 DSC_0126-2 DSC_0127-2   DSC_0005-3  DSC_0136-4 DSC_0138-2 DSC_0966-2 DSC_0972-2      DSC_1002-3DSC_0977-2People make so much money off of their creativity. Take these YouTubers and others who live on DIYs, they are literally eating off of all the non creative people. The thing is, these days it doesn't take much to be creative. We have all these apps that can make nothing into something in less than a minute. When I first thought about blogging, I was more wrapped up in the amount of money it will take me to get my looks together. Being someone with a real African, beautifully kinky hair in all its glory, I worried more about my hair. Now I give a big shoutout to all my natural rocking head sistah as I am one of y'all. However, rocking natural hair isn't for everyone and it's okay to know that. I love changing my hairstyles and I love different looks. I do not like rocking my natural  hair and that's okay. Some people like long hair, some people like short hair, don't judge me. This head is too round and these cheeks are too puffy for my afro. I know that and I embrace it and underneath all this weave is healthy, natural hair and I will continue to keep it that way.  Anyways, my dilemma was how I was going to rock my hair and not empty my pockets.  Creating outfits every week can get expensive if you are not smart but your hair is another topic.  This day and age with all the Peruvian, Malaysian, etc hair in the world, one whole pay check can cover one measly little hairstyle. I don't know about you guys, but I am not here for that.  So wigs are my little life savers. I buy good quality hair and make them into wigs so it lasts.  At first its expensive but then it adds up.

Benefits of wigs:

  1. You don't have to worry about the day to day wear and tear of the hair. Sleeping on your weaves no matter how great you wrapped it can still mess up that beautiful lush.

  2. You can treat your hair underneath. Just snatch that wig off, wash your hair and act like nothing happened.

  3. Sweat it out. Now I don't know about y'all but I despise working out when my hair is freshly done. Take that wig off, put your hair in a scarf and work some pounds off.

  4. SAVE MONEY. Let's add up the math. A good quality hair with about 6 bundles of hair (yes I do use that much), can cost up to 500 dollars. Let's say that one hairstyle lasts up to 6 weeks then trash it goes. But if its a wig and you switch it up with another wig that's the same amount, I bet you can get at least 6 months out of it. I have heard people say they have had a wig for years before so 6 months is me being nice. ......So let's add this up, if you buy a new weave that costs 500 every 6 weeks for 6 months, that makes 2000 grand! Ummm is Oprah my mother?  I do NOT think so, GIRL GOODBYE!

  5. Versatile. You get tired of one look, you can switch it up the next day easily.  Not every hair goes for every outfit so if you are like me, you plan you hairs with your outfits so that's a plus.

The only advice I would give is to infest in learning how to make wigs. Buying already made wigs can cost a good stack but making it yourself just costs you time, but its worth it. Get on that YouTube, buy a wig head, look up these wig making vloggers and get to work.                                             Sandals: here Pants:here Top: here Sunnies: here