How sexy is too sexy...for a Mom

How sexy is too sexy...for a Mom

How sexy can a mom be? Usually, and correct me if I'm wrong, I'm just going by thought here.. When someone becomes a mother, their youthful exuberance is no longer tolerated. They must act a certain way, look a certain way and dress a certain way.  Let me share my experience this past weekend with you. My son and I went to explore Columbus and do what toddlers like to do, which is play and run around.  I planned on blogging that day so I had this outfit on but then I brought a backup because I felt "others" would judge me because as you can see, this crop top is see through and shows my mid drift.  I felt that in order to appease to my "mommy status", especially since I was with my son, I had to change my top. I became very self conscious cause I thought people would judge and think of me as some bad mom who dresses any kind of way around her kid. Now, if I didn't have my kid, thats a different story but once people know you have a kid and see you with that kid, they expect you to look and act a certain way. So my question for you is, what exactly is considered conservative enough for mothers? Clearly, walking around in some bra and booty shorts showing my cheeks with my child on my hand is all the way out of control. But who says I can't be sexy and be a mom at the same damn time. I'm not talking about thotty type sexy, I'm talking about tastefully elegant yet sexy.  I'm talking sexy dresses, showing the outline of your curves but shows no skin. I'm talking big hair, nude lips, see through crop top (not too much) and wide legged trousers lol. You see I love being a mother, but who says I have to start dressing like I just cook, clean and change diapers all day. I love when I see middle aged mothers who still got it and don't have a single shame in their game. Being a mother is everything but it is NOT everything, if you know what I mean. You have to also have a live and do things for yourself. Do things that make you happy, do things that makes you selfish please. Now I know we can do whatever we want, but that should not always be the case. We should hold each other accountable, we should check our sisters when we are going too far. So check me sister, or give me props if I didn't cross the line yet lol.

What do you guys think? How do you expect mothers to dress? Don't think about your mother either lol, because clearly that's going to be way off.


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Let's get into this makeup for minute, so I went overboard with the brown and just went all in with it and I'm semi okay with it. Remember the pink lips craze that was going on about a year ago that made people look like an absolute clown, well I completely forgot about that lippy and decided to give it another try. I put it on with my Mac Chestnut LipLiner (my goto liner) and it turned into brown goodness and now I am absolutely OBSESSED. New motto, "When you go brown you never go back"

Outfit Details: Crop Top (H&M, sorry no link and its last season so I doubt you will find it. But there's always a lace crop top on Asos, zara and even H&M, heck anywhere really), Trousers (Sold out, similar here )