How to care for Big Curly Weave

How to care for Big Curly Weave

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Okay, lets get a little vain and a lot less serious for this post. We will be talking about the craziness that's this hiar. I have gotten so many compliments on it and I love it but caring for it can become a hassle. I am going to be completely honest with you guys and tell you that this hair can't and won't last long. It is not the type of protective style you do that can stay pretty for more than a month, heck more than 2 weeks. Furthermore, caring for big curly hair thats not yours can be a bigger hassle than caring for your own hair. The problem stems from it being a protective style so you really don't want to put the effort to take care of it. If I wanted to spend time bantu knotting hair, I would have just kept my hair out.

Now I am not an advocate of putting products in my weaves because I believe it makes it old faster. However, this hair needs all the product it can get. I shamefully use my sons Cantu Shea Butter curling cream with a touch of water and fluff my hair all around. I'm talking hair flipping, going to break my neck type of fluffing. And if you want to keep your hair with lots of volume then you must uncurl the curls (if thats a thing?) What I mean by this is that you have to split the curls. And then at night, I wear a bonnet.

By the way, this type of curl is called spiral curl. Pretty sure you can use any type of human hair. I used about 5 and a half bundles (2 24's, 2 22s, 1 20,  half of 18).Honestly, there's no need to spend crazy money on all that Peruvian and its likes, unless you are making a wig . If you do decide to make a wig it'll last since you can take it off and it won't get tangled by your snoozing nights.