Getting to know yourself

Getting to know yourself


These days I find it comforting to spend alone time with myself. Especially, being a mother to a vivacious toddler, it can be quite difficult to use the bathroom by myself, talkless of anything more. Nonetheless, I am learning that I have to make time for me. As harsh as it can sound to some, I am more than just a Mother. Being alone with yourself is like taking time to savor that Jollof rice and chicken instead of stuffing it down your throat (I'm obviously hungry). But seriously, you tend to appreciate things more when you spend time on it. Taking the time out each day to actually hear my thoughts is vital for my progress not to mention my sanity.

People find it "lame" when you do things alone. I for one think this is when you find the real you. How else will you know who you really are if you don't spend time with you? We do not know us, the way we think we do. We assume that we will approach some else's mishap in a different manner. "I will never do such a thing!" "How can she allow that to happen?" "If it were me..." BLAH BLAH BLAH. Truth be told, not all of us know what we are capable of doing. Many have gone back to the wretched relationship and will continue to do so. Even though, they condemned Temi for doing such a thing months back. My point is, spend time to get to know you. Tap into that deep part of you that you never thought you had. Think about life and find answers to questions you've been clueless to. Enjoy yourself, let me know how it goes.


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