Please don't stop the music

Please don't stop the music

We cannot allow the shortcomings in life to stop us from living our lives to its fullest potential. I was having a conversation with a friend and she was expressing how she wanted to start a blog for plus size women but she doesn't want to start until she loses some weight. Immediately, I thought back to my own situation and how I allowed life and all its excuses to stop me from doing what I wanted to do, which is this. I asked her, "What if you never gets to that weight, will you ever start?" Sometimes we just have to close our eyes and do it, do not stop, do not think, just do! DSC_0417 DSC_0418 DSC_0415


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I also had another conversation with someone else (I be talking lol) who expressed his strong desire to start a modeling agency. I asked him what was stopping him? Well I'm sure you guessed money, resources, connections, where to begin, etc. And to be honest, I understand that it's hard to start something new but I'm afraid I have to sound like typical african parents but does Danjoke have two heads? lol

But its not that easy is it? Just because you have the ability to do amazing things doesn't make it easy. I will say though that what makes it all come together is not only knowing the steps to take but the how. Abi Donald Trumps father loaned him a small loan of a million dollars. Would he be here if his father wasn't who he was? Would a lot of these big shots be here if they didn't have someone showing them how? Who cares! Dat one no be your own. Grab a book, search google like you've never done before, do your research and get it done. Baba God is not sleeping my friend, he can do your own too.

Let's talk about the outfit now, I actually wore this simple ensemble to the I-Octane concert. And let me tell you, I  had the time of my life. If I'm not listening to African music, reggae is right around the corner. The energy, the aura, the vibe, the food and not the mention the music was just amazing and you just don't get that everywhere. I have to go to the Caribbeans this year or I'll be doing myself a serious disservice.